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How Powder-Coated Aluminum Bleachers Can Display Your Team Colors

powder coated aluminum bleachers

By Gerald Dlubala Powder-coated aluminum bleachers turn your stadium or event venue into an eye-catching, color-matched, personalized, home-game event. By adding a color aspect to standard aluminum bleachers, your venue seating will take on a personalized look and feel because you can choose the color. What better color to choose than those of the team that calls your field their ... Read More »

Cities Use Creative Campaigns To Stop Littering

trash receptacles city streets

Cities everywhere are often faced with an ongoing battle to eliminate and prevent litter and encourage more people to use trash receptacles on streets, sidewalks, transit stations, parks, and other public areas. Whether it’s accidental in nature or out of carelessness, discarded bottles, wrappers, containers and other trash are a major eyesore and can affect the appearance and cleanliness of ... Read More »