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The Park Catalog has supplied park benches to many locations in North America including office complexes, universities, shopping centers and other sites where high quality and long lasting products are needed. Our extensive collection of over 1,000 park benches for sale is sure to meet your specific needs. If you already know what you want, we invite you to browse our easy-to-navigate site including our resource library and order online, or a member of our sales team would be happy to help. Please contact one of our experts if you need help choosing the right commercial bench product for your venue.

  • Most Popular Park Benches Most Popular Park Benches $205.00 - $1,049.00
  • New Strap Metal Benches New Strap Metal Benches $599.00 - $1,274.00
  • Players Benches Players Benches $135.00 - $885.00
  • Recycled Plastic Park Benches Recycled Plastic Park Benches $38.00 - $1,379.00
  • Wooden Park Benches Wooden Park Benches $144.00 - $2,242.00
  • Powder Coated Park Benches Powder Coated Park Benches $43.00 - $6,334.00
  • Thermoplastic Coated Park Benches Thermoplastic Coated Park Benches $199.00 - $2,951.00
  • Memorial Benches Memorial Benches $6.00 - $4,592.00
  • Aluminum Benches Aluminum Benches $135.00 - $4,592.00
  • Fiberglass Benches Fiberglass Benches $531.00 - $741.00
  • Concrete Benches Concrete Benches $94.00 - $2,242.00
  • Childrens Benches Childrens Benches $390.00 - $495.00
  • Curved Benches Curved Benches $326.00 - $5,512.00
  • Bench Frames & Accessories Bench Frames & Accessories $5.00 - $343.00

Park benches built to last

Highland Products Group offers a full selection of outdoor park benches for sale in a variety of materials, including high-quality Teak Wood, ecologically friendly Recycled Plastic, Concrete, Thermoplastic-Coated Metal, Aluminum, and Decorative Cast Iron Frame Benches.

Highland's extensive line of park benches includes many benches that are part of our broader line of commercial site furnishings, making them ideal for country clubs, beach clubs, schools, universities, municipal parks, office parks, retail lifestyle centers, multi-family apartment complex, stadiums, arenas, office parks, churches, convention centers, restaurant waiting areas, and anywhere else a high-quality coordinated product mix of benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, planters, and ash urns is desired.

Whether you are purchasing a single bench for your home or you are purchasing 100 benches for your factory outlet, lifestyle center, casino complex, university campus, golf resort, or state park, Highland Products Group is committed to your satisfaction. 

Did you know?
New York City's Central Park has approximately 9,000 park benches, which would stretch seven miles if placed end to end?

How many people are you looking to accommodate? 
Industry standard states every 18” equals one seat.  All benches are available in a variety of sizes starting as short as 4 feet and measuring as large as 15 feet.  If your trying to accommodate 20 people and wants to know how many 6 foot benches they should purchase, simply utilize the below calculation.

Convert 6 feet into inches = 72 inches per bench. Divide the result by 18 to determine how many people can fit on one bench.  72/18=4 people per bench.  The customer in this example will need five 6ft benches to accommodate 20 patrons.

How do I know what mounting option I need? 
There are three common mounting options industry wide.  Portable, surface mount and In-ground mount.  Each mounting option satisfies a specific requirement.  

Portable - A portable mount is required if you would like to move the product from one location to another.  This is a non-permanent mount that will just allow the product to rest on a flat level surface independently without anchoring.

Surface Mount -The surface mount option is meant for the customer that wants to anchor the product down so it is semi-permanent.  This mounting option requires a concrete or asphalt surface in order to anchor bolts into the mounting surface.  The surface mount option is one that can be flexible.  If your customer wants to relocate the product, they just need to remove the anchor bolts and relocate the bench to the location of choice.

In-Ground - This mounting option is the most permanent of the three mounting options.  The most common placement for an in-ground mount is in a grassy area or in an area that will have a future concrete pad.  This mounting option requires more labor than the other two mounting options as a predetermined number of holes must be drilled a minimum of 16” below grade, concrete must be poured in each hole, and the frame must be set in the concrete overnight for curing.  Once the concrete has cured overnight then the balance of the components can be attached to the already installed frame.  This is a permanent mounting option and cannot be relocated once installed. There is a word of caution when utilizing in-ground mountIf the product is not at the proper depth below grade, the thaw and freezing conditions can boost the product out of the ground.

How do I know what material type I need?
Where are you installing the product? If your venue is a Hotel and you want to place benches along the beach behind the hotel, then you will need to recommend a non-corrosive material that will not rust in a salt environment.  Our best recommendation would be either Recycled Plastic or Concrete.  You will want to stay away from any type of material that has metal as a salt environment will just corrode any type of metal. When it comes to outdoor benches for any environment, contact the experts at The Park Catalog.
If your venue is a park and recreation and you’re looking to purchase products to place throughout your property, almost anything goes.  A key thing to consider is how much use the park bench will get. The use will determine how durable of a material you will need.  Another  factor to consider will be the maintenance schedule. In the industry we know wood is the most high maintenance product. A great recommendation for low maintenance options would be a recycled plastic or thermoplastic coated park bench.

When it comes to park benches for sale, you can trust the knowledgeable staff at The Park Catalog. They will help you choose from our vast array of superior outdoor benches to fit any particular environment.

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