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4-Ft. Recycled Plastic Speed Bump.

Item #:  357-1001
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4-Ft. Recycled Plastic Speed Bump.

Speed bumps are solid, non-hollow, foamed recycled products manufactured from recycled Type 2 High Density Polyethylene (ReHDPE), with no fillers. The composite mixture of the end product is at least 90% ReHDPE, utilizing both post-consumer and post-industrial materials.

The plastic is impregnated with colorant and UVI to help protect the material from physical degradation, flaking and color fade.

Plastic extrusions are non-commingled "pulltruded” products. This promotes a network of complete molecular linkage. Products are able to sustain temperatures ranging from -40°F to 110°F and has a load rating of 92,249 PSI with proper installation.

Products are manufactured using only heavy-metal free colorants, to be environmentally friendly, and to meet current and future federal standards.

The recycled plastic speed bump is ideally mounted on flat, rigid surfaces with at least 4” of asphalt or concrete. For use on asphalt, the surface should be at least one year old prior to installation.

The speed bump will flex and bend with minor, gradual surface changes. For installation on contoured surfaces, the speed bump may be planed or shaved with standard woodworking tools.

• Designed for moderate consumer vehicle use at speeds of 15 miles per hour or less.
• With standard lag bolt installations, speed bump may be removed during winter plowing season for ease of plowing and to prolong speed bump life.
• Sweepers should raise brushes before driving over speed bumps.

Mounting instructions:
Please see attached PDF for more info and mounting instructions.

Custom lengths are available upon request.

Note: For orders over 100, please call for pricing.


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