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Katie Charter
Kate Charter was born and raised in Toronto Canada and is now a business-marketing student at the University of Western Ontario. She minors in human geography, which focuses on the social and community aspect of space. She blends her passions for social media, fashion and marketing through her employment and hobbies. She has interests that lie in charity work, which has led her to be the vice president of War Child Canada at her University that focuses on fundraising for the programs in Africa and other places in the World.


Eco-Cycling You already take your bike to work and around town so how much more eco friendly can you be? Well Mauro Hernandez and Bill Holloway say significantly. They are known for their furniture designs at Masterworks wood and Design; however, they are now making bikes out of “urban lumber”. What is urban lumber? It is the decaying trees found ... Read More »

Bridging the Gap Between Concrete and Green


Wildlife conservation is a topic of importance today. We are making many changes in our lives to be more ‘green’. Whether it is the shampoo we choose, riding our bike to work or taking shorter showers, there are many ‘green’ options to help minimize our negative impact on our environment. Finding the balance between the ever evolving human developments and ... Read More »