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Guess what day it is…GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS!? It’s Hump Day on The Humpiest Day of The Year!

Speed Bump Sign

Let’s talk about speed bump safety for a minute here. Those parabolic, circular shapes, gently curving upward are there to give people an idea to slow it down…these are speed bumps and humps, and these two words typically get used interchangeably in the traffic safety world. Speed bumps have a more abrupt design and usually stop vehicles completely, where traditionally ... Read More »

Picnic Tables Enhance LA Youth Sheriff’s Foundation at Norwalk YAL

Who would think picnic tables could be so exciting? Well we do. One of our favorite experiences as a team at The Park Catalog is getting to hear back from our customers. Sometimes we get a phone call about adjusting a product’s color or size and we are happy to help, reassured by the idea that our customers feel confident enough ... Read More »

Growing a New Community

Welcome to The Park Blog. We’re here as a community of people interested in bettering public spaces and the people who occupy them. Sometimes, that means installing a trash receptacle to encourage park visitors to help keep the field green. Sometimes it means planting a seed. And sometimes, bettering a public space means helping the people that occupy it to ... Read More »