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Robert Caston
Robert Caston oversees Content Marketing for The Park Catalog. Robert earned a degree in journalism and worked as a reporter for several newspapers. He is a connoisseur of fresh air and loves photographing nature whether he’s hanging out in a national park or a park down the street. With a passion for the outdoors, he is a strong advocate of green spaces and getting people out of the house. His favorite parks are the spectacular Grand Teton National Park in northwest Wyoming and the incredible Twin Rivers Park in Stuart, Fla.

Hey Congress, Why Not Help Out a Park?

Grand Canyon National Park

National parks are in trouble. According to park officials, there is an $11 billion backlog of work that needs to be done. That means there is a need for more park benches, roads, charcoal grills and outdoor trash cans. As anyone involved with a park knows, parks are usually on the lower rung when it comes to funding in national ... Read More »

Outdoor Park Furniture, Trees and Flowers in the Middle of an Apartment Building?

apartment parks

Imagine this: You live in 50-story apartment complex and right in the middle of the building is an open space filled with outdoor park furniture, grass, flowers, fountains and a band shell. Essentially, it’s a building with a park built inside of it. Maybe even three or four parks every several floors. Strange, right? Well, maybe not for long. This ... Read More »