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Robert Caston
Robert Caston oversees Content Marketing for The Park Catalog. Robert earned a degree in journalism and worked as a reporter for several newspapers. He is a connoisseur of fresh air and loves photographing nature whether he’s hanging out in a national park or a park down the street. With a passion for the outdoors, he is a strong advocate of green spaces and getting people out of the house. His favorite parks are the spectacular Grand Teton National Park in northwest Wyoming and the incredible Twin Rivers Park in Stuart, Fla.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Muscles its Way into Hot New Trend at Local Parks

Outdoor fitness equipment

Outdoor fitness equipment is fast becoming the new “adult playground” at parks around the country as local citizens now prefer a total workout outside instead of just the normal jog or walk through the woods. Park managers across the US report strong participation when they add these outside gyms, or “Fitness Zones” as they are called. That’s good news, considering ... Read More »

A Dog Waste Station is a Simple Way to Solve the Country’s Poop and Pollution Problems

dog waste station

We all love dogs. Our canine brothers and sisters. Who doesn’t? But there are a number of very important reasons why owners should have access to a dog waste station in any public area so we can still appreciate our furry friends. It’s THE most essential piece of dog park equipment. Sure, as a dog owner you might pick up after Fido does ... Read More »

Park Vandalism in the News as Woman Defaces National Landscapes in 10 States

National park graffiti

Park vandalism is an ugly problem and is highlighted this week by one person on a 10-park graffiti-spree ruining portions of national parks and then posting her work on social media. Consider installing metal picnic tables and metal benches are some of the solutions officials could use to deter vandalism, including more vigilant reporting and awareness by park users as happened ... Read More »