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Robert Caston
Robert Caston oversees Content Marketing for The Park Catalog. Robert earned a degree in journalism and worked as a reporter for several newspapers. He is a connoisseur of fresh air and loves photographing nature whether he’s hanging out in a national park or a park down the street. With a passion for the outdoors, he is a strong advocate of green spaces and getting people out of the house. His favorite parks are the spectacular Grand Teton National Park in northwest Wyoming and the incredible Twin Rivers Park in Stuart, Fla.

Have a Happy Holiday and Remember to Get Your Family Outside to Enjoy the Gifts Provided Every Day by Mother Nature


The holidays are a time when families and people gather to exchange gifts, sit down together for a meal and just take time to be together. But after all the presents are opened, the meals are consumed and everyone is caught up with everybody else, one of the best things you can do with family and friends is get outside! ... Read More »

Display Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables and Plastic Benches (Maybe at No Cost) to Promote Benefits of Recycling in Your Town

recycled plastic picnic tables

Offering plastic picnic tables and plastic benches made with recycled materials for use by the public can be one of the keys to promoting conservation in your town.  Rather than just talk about the benefits of recycling, you can walk the talk and show the real, tangible rewards of green living. If you look on the web at various governmental ... Read More »

Don’t Skimp on Commercial Beach Umbrellas – They Play a Huge Part in the Resort Experience

commercial beach umbrellas

In the old days in China, the wealth of a person was measured by how many people carried their umbrella. Some umbrellas reportedly required the muscle power of 24 people. That’s rich. When it comes to a resort or park treating their guests like royalty, you also want to make sure you use high-quality commercial beach umbrellas. The reasons? Liability, ... Read More »