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How “Forest Bathing” In A Park Lifts Your Spirits And Lowers Stress

Want to boost your mood? Lower your blood pressure? Relax? Reenergize? Take a “Forest Bath” in your local park or wooded area. Forest bathing is a practice that began in Japan in the 1980s and is catching on worldwide. During that time in Japan, health practitioners began to notice the toll that the increased industrialization of the country was having ... Read More »

To Celebrate National Picnic Month Here’s A Story About The Bear “Lunch Counter” Picnics At Yellowstone

picnic tables bears

July is National Picnic Month and before you visit your favorite picnic tables in the park you might be interested in one of the strangest picnic rituals ever held in the US – the “Lunch Counter for Bears.” Back in the 1900s, before trash removal was a regular service, many campgrounds would dispose of their trash by feeding it to ... Read More »

List Of New Theme Park Attractions For 2019 And An Appreciation For The Tremendous Economic Impact They Provide

theme park economic impact

There is no doubt that one industry where America stands out worldwide is in the category of theme parks and this year, we will see a huge boost as new attractions open that will literally make people starry-eyed. Starry-eyed as in Star Wars. The Walt Disney Corp. is spending billions to open two new Star Wars themed parks. Smartly, the ... Read More »