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Cities Use Creative Campaigns To Stop Littering

trash receptacles city streets

Cities everywhere are often faced with an ongoing battle to eliminate and prevent litter and encourage more people to use trash receptacles on streets, sidewalks, transit stations, parks, and other public areas. Whether it’s accidental in nature or out of carelessness, discarded bottles, wrappers, containers and other trash are a major eyesore and can affect the appearance and cleanliness of ... Read More »

Why People Love To Dine On Outdoor Picnic Tables And How It Can Boost Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line

outdoor picnic tables at the grand canyon

Fresh air and fresh food on outdoor picnic tables are a match made in dining heaven. Restaurant-goers love the ambiance that outside dining provides, and restaurants love the additional seating capacity. Outdoor seating also makes the most of nature’s most beautiful seasons and pleasant days. And after all, most people eat their meals inside. Being able to experience a meal ... Read More »

Enjoy A Healthy Boost By Sitting On Park Benches Or Walking In The Great Outdoors

park benches at dusk

Can sitting outside on park benches make you healthier? Can standing under a tree make you happier? Can walking in the woods calm you down? Are you looking to have more energy, less stress, better focus, and greater immunity paired with faster recovery times? You may think it would take a miracle medicine to accomplish all of that in one setting. ... Read More »