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“Buddy Bench” Initiated By Student At School To Help Classmates Overcome Loneliness And Bullying

Sometimes just one child can make a big difference in the lives of their classmates. Take a young man named Alex for example, of Stafford, VA. According to his mother, Dottie, during recess Alex would often see children on the playground with no one to play with and this really bothered him. During the end of year party at church ... Read More »

Steel Bench Designed With Classic Look Provides Extra Durability, Low Maintenance And More Color Options

steel bench

A steel bench is becoming a popular alternative to classic wooden benches across the US for a number of reasons. Why? What special advantages does a steel bench provide? There are many. Let’s start with the design. The beauty of a steel bench is that it can be manufactured to resemble the pleasing aesthetics of traditional wood benches that have ... Read More »

Commercial Site Furnishings Arrive Fast With Quick Ship Program From Park and Facility Warehouses Across The US

commercial site furnishings

When it comes to quick shipping commercial site furnishings, we have facility and park warehouses all over the country that make The Park and Facilities Catalog the place to go when you need it fast. Let’s face it. Things happen. Schedules change. Weather causes problems. Crowds are expected to be bigger than originally forecast. We get it. Consumers and business ... Read More »

Metal Bench Is A Smart Choice When It Comes To Low Maintenance, Bright Colors And Durability

metal bench

A metal bench is becoming a preferred choice for many maintenance supervisors, architects, and landscapers for one BIG reason – the coating. In recent years, there have been tremendous technological advances made in the coatings that are now applied to a metal bench, compared to years before. Previously, a metal bench might look great at first. But then after a ... Read More »