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Shopping Center Demand in 2015 to Grow as Space is at Tightest Levels in Past Eight Years

shopping center construction

Like everything, shopping center demand is cyclical. Up times. Down times. If you look at the latest data that’s coming out, it’s starting to look like a positive upswing is about to hit the industry real hard. That’s great news for the economy. That means more investment, more construction and retail jobs, more ancillary effects such as an increase in ... Read More »

Handling Teens at a Mall Requires a Mix of Security and Sturdy Furniture like Steel Benches

teens at malls

  When it comes to shopping malls, teenagers will be teenagers. What’s a mall manager to do? Actually, there is quite a bit you can do from blaring weird music, installing more lighting and providing sturdy, vandal-resistant steel benches. Let’s start with the weird music. One of the great shopping center ironies in life is that a mall wants to ... Read More »

Top Hotel Pools in the US and How to Create Better Ambiance at Your Own Facility with the Right Commercial Patio Furniture

Commercial patio furniture at a resort hotel

  Your hotel, resort, multi-family complex or community you might not be able to create one of the top pool experiences in the world. But with the right commercial patio furniture, you can certainly make a splash. So where are the best hotel pools in the USA? Using various sources, we’ve compiled our own list. We must admit, there are ... Read More »