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Americans Want More Bike Lanes, Outdoor Bike Racks and a Safer Bike Infrastructure

bike lane

May is National Bike Month and a great time to be a bicyclist. Municipals planners are starting to see the light when it comes to providing the infrastructure needed, such as more bike lanes, bike laws and outdoor bike racks, to support an ever-growing community of bike users. In the past five years, there have been reportedly 3,000 bike –related ... Read More »

Investing in Commercial Property Surges Which Means More Buildings, Jobs and Demand for Products from Floors to Commercial Grade Outdoor Furniture

commercial property

There’s promising news in the real estate markets about the rising values of commercial property. And that promising development is positive for the US economy as well. It will mean an increase in construction, decrease in employment and the demand for more products, including commercial grade outdoor furniture. The Urban Land Institute predicted in April that commercial real estate transaction ... Read More »

Employee Lockers Play a Key Role in Boosting Company Morale

happy employees

How important are employee lockers in the workplace? Consider that one of the biggest concerns of employees has nothing to do with their jobs. It’s their personal belongings. And that’s where employee lockers come into the picture. The quality of those lockers contributes to the overall picture of either a healthy or unpleasant work environment. Employers and site managers would ... Read More »