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Basic Checklist For Starting A Dog Park With A Variety Of Dog Park Equipment

dog park equipment

Here is a handy preliminary checklist for those interested in starting a dog park and adding amenities such as dog park equipment. There are apparently more than 1,000 dog parks currently in the US. From 2009 to the present, the top 100 cities in America saw nearly a 75% increase in the number of dog parks added. One reason, a ... Read More »

Quick Ship Picnic Tables When You Need Outdoor Furnishings Fast For Outdoor Dining

quick ship picnic tables

Quick Ship Picnic Tables in several styles are available from The Park and Facilities Catalog for park and facility managers in a hurry. The Park Catalog has been in business since 2001. Since then we supplied concrete, wood, recycled plastic and metal picnic tables to thousands of parks, municipalities, restaurants, retail centers and other facilities. With all those years of ... Read More »

New “Plogging” Exercise Craze Burns Calories, Cleans Streets And Puts Litter In Proper Trash Receptacles


“Plogging” – is a new exercise trend gaining momentum worldwide that provides a major benefit for every community and the planet in general. The idea is simple, green and very effective. Plogging is basically combining jogging with picking up litter along the way. The idea is that after you put on your running shoes, you also don a pair of ... Read More »