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Commercial Bike Racks Needed to Replace “Sucker Poles” and Prevent Bike Thefts

recovered bicycles

Recovered bicycles waiting for owners (Source: Santa Cruz Police Department) If your city has quite a few “sucker poles” where bicycles are stolen, adding commercial bike racks could make your business a hero to bicyclists. What is a “sucker pole?” It’s a name given to sign posts and other objects that at first appear to be a safe place to ... Read More »

Find a Bike Parking Rack and other Amenities Listed on Maps from True Bicycle-Friendly Cities

bike parking rack map

There’s nothing more frustrating than planning a bike trip in a city for a day, finding some great locations to stop and then not finding a bike parking rack to secure your bike. There’s a solution for this – a bike map. More and more American cities and towns are working hard to become more bicycle friendly. They are creating ... Read More »

Speed Bumps and Parking Lot Supplies Can Make an Area Less Hazardous

parking lot supplies

Studies show parking areas can be dangerous places. But the right combination of speed bumps, traffic control devices, signs and other parking lot supplies can put a dent in potential injuries and crashes. The statistics are scary. According to a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they found that 14% of all car crashes occurred in parking ... Read More »