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Enjoy A Healthy Boost By Sitting On Park Benches Or Walking In The Great Outdoors

park benches at dusk

Can sitting outside on park benches make you healthier? Can standing under a tree make you happier? Can walking in the woods calm you down? Are you looking to have more energy, less stress, better focus, and greater immunity paired with faster recovery times? You may think it would take a miracle medicine to accomplish all of that in one setting. ... Read More »

One Simple Trick Using Recycling Receptacles to Reduce Landfills

landfill trash

Everyone is looking for a simple solution to reduce the accumulation of waste, and recycling receptacles might be the easiest answer. Reducing landfills is becoming a growing challenge for cities across the United States, as garbage dumps grow and environmental concerns mount for residents and city planners alike. Municipalities must act. Waste is heading for the local dump at a ... Read More »

Why You Need To Plan For New Aluminum Bleachers Before Your Old Condemned Bleachers Cause Major Headaches

10 row elevated aluminum bleachers web

By Gerald Dlubala Managers may want to consider creating a plan to upgrade to new aluminum bleachers because condemned or otherwise unusable bleacher seating can have major implications for a school or facility. Those issues can go beyond just providing a place to sit for upcoming games. That type of negative designation for your bleachers can reflect on the facility management ... Read More »

Picnic Tables Added To Bee Center To Educate Public About The Importance Of Our Buzzing Friends

picnic tables

Visitors to the Tashjian Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center will now be able to sit on new wooden picnic tables to learn about the vital role these little flying workers play in the world’s ecology. The world-renowned research center is part of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum at the University of Minnesota in Chaska, MN. The arboretum covers 1,137 acres and offers ... Read More »