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Fun Facts About Independence Day On The Fourth Of July (Or The Second Of July, Depending On Who You Believe)

facts about fourth of july

When families venture out this Fourth of July to gather at picnic tables in local parks, barbecue on grills and wait for the fireworks to start, consider these interesting and strange facts surrounding the Independence Day holiday. The Second Continental Congress actually approved a resolution of independence from Great Britain on July 2, not the fourth. The first official Independence ... Read More »

Park Fundraising Site Makes It Easier To Raise Money For Local Community Projects

playground fundraising

  With advancements in fundraising technology, the ability for people to improve parks and other recreational facilities in their towns is now a whole lot easier. That’s because there is now a park fundraising program that not only helps them collect funds but shows them how to conduct a successful fundraising campaign. “Fund Your Park” is a “crowdfunding” program offered ... Read More »

Concrete Bollards Are Crucial To Separating Cars From Pedestrians and Buildings

concrete bollards

By Gerald Dlubala Bollards as protective devices have been used going back to the late 1700s, when the first ones were crafted using everything from heavy tree trunks to old, vertically planted cannon barrels to the modern concrete bollards used today. As they have become more sophisticated, modernized, and more skillfully manufactured, concrete bollards are now more personalized and aesthetically ... Read More »

Does Your Town Need A Road Diet? How Cities Are Altering Infrastructure For Pedestrians And Bicyclists

road diet cities

Whether you recognize it or not, wide, open roads psychologically trick you into driving a little faster and that is why cities are deciding to go on a “road diet.” Many roads in America are designed to accommodate a significant number of cars moving quickly, but sometimes the road is wider than is really necessary. Downtown main streets are especially ... Read More »