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Wooden Benches Compliment Amazing “Sacred” Space Outside California Church

wooden benches

The members of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Sebastopol, CA, wanted to create a special place outside their church where people of any faith would feel welcome to participate in everything from religious services and weddings, to concerts and poetry reading, sitting on wooden benches under a beautiful blue sky. But what they created is no ordinary place. St. Stephen’s ... Read More »

Guide to Earning LEED Credits for Bicycle Facilities such as Commercial Bike Racks and Bike Rooms

commercial bike racks

Did you know that you can earn LEED credits for  providing commercial bike racks at your facility? LEED is a highly recognized third-party verification program for green buildings—it stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Its innovations are changing the way people think about planning and constructing buildings. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, an incredible 1.85 million ... Read More »

Top Ten Sports Stadiums and Venues in the World

top ten sports venues

Attention Architects and Construction Project Managers: The Park and Facilities Catalog is a leading supplier of commercial bike racks, products for bike rooms, aluminum bleachers and hundreds of other durable and attractive outdoor furnishing products for facilities and schools. Go here to see our complete catalog of commercial site furnishings. We also supply spec sheets, CAD files and free layouts.   Read More »

Spring is Right Around the Corner – Top Ten Tips to Know When Ordering Aluminum Bleachers

aluminum bleachers

College baseball. High school track. Little league. Fall sports. Spectators for all those sports need a place to sit and in the next few months it’s going to be a scramble to get those aluminum bleachers up and ready. Top ten tips to know when ordering aluminum bleachers Order early. Generally, experienced manufacturers know how to keep up with the ... Read More »