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More Cities Pass Laws on Bike Rooms for Existing and New Construction

bike rooms and bicycle commuters

Bike rooms, a covered, designated area for secure bicycle parking, used to be a luxury. Now, they are becoming mandatory in many urban environments. As people trend towards cycling for both transportation and recreation, the demand for bicycle parking is on the rise. Many cyclists purchase high-end bikes worth thousands of dollars instead of buying a vehicle. Wanting to protect ... Read More »

How to Build a Recreational Dog Agility Course with the Right Dog Park Equipment

dog park equipment

By Susyn Stecchi Are you looking to add an agility or obstacle course with dog park equipment to your park or multi-family community? There are two types of dog agility courses. One is for professional championship trials that have to adhere to the standards of the various dog agility professional organizations such as the USDAA. The other is the informal, ... Read More »