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How Adding Park Benches, Plants And A Few Amenities To A Vacant Lot Increases Home Values

pocket parks

There’s a movement going on in urban and suburban areas to bring parks closer to residents, improve unsightly abandoned lots and help people socialize. They are called “Pocket Parks.” The concept is a simple one and so is the process to build one. All it takes is some dedicated citizens, assistance from the local parks and recreation department, donors and ... Read More »

Dog Parks At Top Of List For Planned Additions – Get A Free Doggie Fire Hydrant With Dog Park Agility Kit

dog playground equipment

In its annual survey of park professionals conducted by Recreation Management magazine, dog parks continue to rank high for scheduled improvements. The survey is conducted by the magazine every year and asks park and recreation managers about such topics as budget increases, expected park participation and scheduled projects. Here’s the list of the Top 10 planned projects on average and ... Read More »

ADA Picnic Tables Promotes Inclusiveness At Your Park Or Facility

ADA picnic tables

Inclusiveness is a major theme today with any park or facility and when it comes to site furnishings, supplying ADA picnic tables is a very simple solution and process. For one, the Americans with Disabilities Act has provided guidelines to make picnic tables ADA compliant. The American with Disabilities Act was enacted 1990 by Congress and signed into law by ... Read More »