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Aluminum Bleachers Get A Cool Front Seat At Village Of Palm Springs Sports Complex


The Village of Palm Springs in South Florida recently upgraded a set of their aluminum bleachers and now local residents have a bright new place to sit under a welcome shade canopy. Bill Golson, Parks and Recreation Director, said the 10-row bleachers were installed to replace older bleachers at the field and they feature new improvements in design and safety. ... Read More »

Picnic Tables With Local Artwork Are A Clever Way To Attract Visitors To West Palm Beach Summer Events

aesop picnic tables

Want to create a great attraction for your park this summer with picnic tables? One city came up with an idea to liven up their surroundings by using wooden picnic tables as canvases for local artists to display their talents. What a fantastic (and simple) strategy to bring people to a park or promotion! And what a clever way to ... Read More »