Parks and Recreation

Lack of Commercial Trash Cans Causing a Crisis for Disease, Rodents and Health Risks

commercial trash cans litter in park

 By Gerald Dlubala There are no shortages of concerns in our country when it comes to our health and safety, yet something as simple as adding more commercial trash cans can solve the problem. Gator and shark attacks, mosquito related viruses, and now, toxic algae are the front runners these days. The more dramatic and unusual get the daily headlines. But ... Read More »

For Park and Recreation Month 2016, Study Shows How a Park is Like Medicine

Park and Recreation Month 2016

Most people don’t think about going to a park for medicinal purposes. But for Park and Recreation Month 2016, perhaps the public should pay attention to a recent study on how parks can actually have a positive effect on a person’s mental and physical health. The study was conducted by The University of Queensland in Australia along with the ARC Centre ... Read More »

Clean Metal Picnic Tables, Empty Park Trash Cans and Smooth Park Benches Help With Online Reviews of Outdoor Facilities

family gathered around a picnic table

By Gerald L Dlubala The weekend was predicted to be perfect, and started with the good feelings that only a few days off, great weather and a planned outing can provide –  the packing begins in anticipation of spending quality time relaxing on park benches or enjoying meals on metal picnic tables at a park or campground, free from household ... Read More »