School Picnic Tables, Benches and Bleachers Still Available for First Day of School

back to school

School picnic tables, benches, bleachers and trash receptacles – everything a school facility manager needs, can still be shipped from The Park and Facilities Catalog in time for when most school doors fling open in September. Popular products that can be fast-tracked for shipping are available in our ParkExpress program. It’s crunch time. Classrooms are about to come back to ... Read More »

Bleachers Will Shine with Bleacher Covers In Your Choice of Vibrant School Colors

Fans in bleachers on a chilly day

By Gerald Dlubala It’s game day, you’re about to spend the afternoon on some bleachers, and this afternoon is turning into a beauty. Picture perfect, with high, blue skies, offering those signature, gentle breezes that make you feel as if you’re on vacation. There are hordes of tailgaters out as you approach the venue. Confident and boisterous, each rowdy group ... Read More »

School Benches, Picnic Tables and Other Site Furnishings are a Necessity When You Consider the Total Number of Students in the US

school bench

It’s back to school time and when you think about the sheer numbers of K-12 students in the US, these kids will need quite a few school benches, school picnic tables, bleachers and bike racks. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in the fall of 2015, there were 50.1 million students sitting in public elementary and secondary schools. That ... Read More »