Fewer Kids Now Ride Bikes to School. Contests to Create Cool School Bike Racks Could be One Solution

school bike racks

Remember when you rode a bike to school? Everybody did. Well, according to some disturbing new research, kids today are biking less than ever. This is not good. Something must be done. Perhaps creative school bike racks could be one way to get them pedaling instead of riding. Just one example of this problem was illustrated when a group called ... Read More »

Outdoor Bleachers Made with Sturdy Aluminum Required for Those Rowdy “Bleacher Creatures”

rowdy fans aluminum outdoor bleachers

Want to know why aluminum outdoor bleachers need to be heavy duty and high quality? Consider the “Bleacher Creatures” who inhabit the left corner of Yankee Stadium or bleacher “bums” for any team. These are tough crowds. Now that Major League Baseball season 2015 has officially started those fanatical fans in the bleacher section will be at it again. That’s ... Read More »

Buddy Bench is One Way to Help Kids Interact at School

Many people have heard about a buddy bench. But what is the best way to pick the right bench for this old school networking tool? (Now a phenomenon that has caught on with hundreds of schools across the US.) If you haven’t already heard about the buddy bench, here’s the back story. The idea originated in Germany and was first ... Read More »