Concrete Picnic Tables Installed At New Park With Unique Name That Reminds People Of Once Popular Pastime

concrete picnic tables

The City of Abbeville in Louisiana just spruced up their newly opened Lafitte Drive-In Park with five brand-new Concrete Picnic Tables. The project is reportedly under the direction of Councilman at Large Francis Plaisance and creates an appealing new attraction for picnic-goers. The rectangular tables are located in an open grassy area, placed nicely under some sizable shade trees next ... Read More »

Dog Park Equipment Gaining In Popularity With Multi-Family Communities

dog park equipment

Dog Park Equipment is now becoming a hot amenity with multi-family communities as a strategy to keep both their residents and canine-friends happy. Take The Gates of Cedar Hill Apartments near Dallas in northeast Texas. This is a beautiful gated community in Cedar Hill that goes beyond what many communities offer by providing their residents with more than just a ... Read More »

To Celebrate National Picnic Month Here’s A Story About The Bear “Lunch Counter” Picnics At Yellowstone

picnic tables bears

July is National Picnic Month and before you visit your favorite picnic tables in the park you might be interested in one of the strangest picnic rituals ever held in the US – the “Lunch Counter for Bears.” Back in the 1900s, before trash removal was a regular service, many campgrounds would dispose of their trash by feeding it to ... Read More »

Commercial Trash Cans Can Keep Those Storm Drains Clear And Litter Out Of Our Waterways. Here’s The Research

commercial trash cans

Adding more Commercial Trash Cans in strategic locations can help make a dent in the litter that floats down into our storm drains. More and more photographs of trash, especially plastic debris, floating in rivers, bays, and oceans are becoming more prevalent. All that litter starts somewhere. One key to stopping it is to capture these discarded items in proper ... Read More »