Picnic Tables With Fantastic Waterfront Views – Awesome Family Dining At A Low Price

Picnic tables with a waterfront view can certainly mean big savings for a family compared to paying for a water view at a restaurant. Here’s a photo collection of tables facing a liquid landscape. What’s your favorite picnic spot with a great location in your town? Picnic tables on the water One of the best ways to enhance a community is ... Read More »

See How Bike-Related Infrastructure Proposals Are Winning In The Voters Booth

bike lanes

One of the true indications of serious support for improving bicycling infrastructure such as adding more protected bike lanes, connected paths to different areas and bike parking racks can be seen by the voter support in this past election. When a proposition to fund bike infrastructure generates the required number of signatures and is placed on that ballot sheet, then ... Read More »

Bike Rooms Are A Neccesity For Cyclists And How To Make This A Selling Point At Apartment Or Office Buildings

bike rooms

Bike rooms providing secure indoor storage are a great way to attract cyclists as future renters or employees. (FYI: The expert planners at Park and Facilities Catalog offer free bike room layouts and diagrams to help maximize bike storage). That’s why the number of indoor bike storage areas are trending up and are becoming more and more prevalent around the US. There ... Read More »