Why Recycled Plastic Benches Are Perfect For Outdoor Environments, Even Ferry Boats

recycled plastic benches

­­­ You may have noticed that the commercial site furnishings business is seeing a major shift from traditional wooden benches to the use of innovative and environmentally-friendly Recycled Plastic Benches. This is taking place for a number of reasons. Here are some of them: Advancements in Recycling Technology: When manufacturers first started reusing plastic scrap and building products, there were ... Read More »

How Does Your City Rank For Bicycling Infrastructure Such As Networked Streets, Buffered Bike Lanes And Bike Parking (Outdoor Bike Racks)

bike lanes

The organization PeopleForBikes just released its latest list of the Top Places for Bikes and included in the methodology is the availability of bicycle parking determined by the number of spaces and outdoor bike racks. The top five cities named in the ratings were: Boulder, CO Fort Collins, CO Eugene, OR Manhattan, NY Arlington, VA Ranking based on factors from ... Read More »