Permanent Grills In Larger Sizes Provide Quicker Turnaround At Busy Parks And Campgrounds

permanent grills

Permanent grills are now a necessity more than ever at parks, campsites and private outdoor facilities. But do you have enough grills to handle the demand? Because here’s a staggering statistic – nearly 80 million Americans have used an outdoor grill in the past year, according to the US Census. That’s a whole bunch of folks. Sure, many of them ... Read More »

This Is Park and Recreation Month And All The Programs That Your Average Parks Department Provides Might Just Surprise You

park and recreation month

July is Park and Recreation Month and a great time to salute the people who work hard at your local, state and national parks all year long to create appealing spaces and programs for the public. According to a recent study by the National Recreation and Parks Association, park workers cover a lot of ground. Literally. The number of programs ... Read More »

“Buddy Bench” Initiated By Student At School To Help Classmates Overcome Loneliness And Bullying

Sometimes just one child can make a big difference in the lives of their classmates. Take a young man named Alex for example, of Stafford, VA. According to his mother, Dottie, during recess Alex would often see children on the playground with no one to play with and this really bothered him. During the end of year party at church ... Read More »