Picnic Tables Are A Favorite Target Of Vandals. Here’s How To Deter Them.

picnic tables

Picnic tables are a popular destination for family gatherings, children’s parties and sometimes bored delinquents who have nothing better to do but to tear them apart and wreck the experience for everybody. Warm weather is now here, and people are heading outdoors, including these hooligans. Scan the national headlines, and you will see incidents here and there where a bunch ... Read More »

Drinking Fountains Are A Neccesity More Than Ever At Parks and Playgrounds As Days Get Warmer

drinking fountains

  Drinking fountains at parks, playgrounds, and outdoor facilities are often overlooked as a key site amenity. But they play a super-important function. And that function can mean the difference between a good park experience or a frustrating one. This is especially important today, as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the Earth’s global temperature in 2017 was the ... Read More »

Steel Bench Designed With Classic Look Provides Extra Durability, Low Maintenance And More Color Options

steel bench

A steel bench is becoming a popular alternative to classic wooden benches across the US for a number of reasons. Why? What special advantages does a steel bench provide? There are many. Let’s start with the design. The beauty of a steel bench is that it can be manufactured to resemble the pleasing aesthetics of traditional wood benches that have ... Read More »