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Gymnastics School Finds Portable Aluminum Bleachers Are The Perfect Solution For Their Seating Needs

aluminum bleachers

Portable Aluminum Bleachers were found to be a great solution for seating at the Broadway Gymnastic School in Los Angeles. After all, a gymnastics school is a very busy place. There are young people doing cartwheels, flips and back handsprings. Parents come in and out.  And staff members keep it all organized. Plus, mats and pieces of apparatus need to ... Read More »

Aluminum Bleachers Provide Clean, Organized Seating At ALL Types Of Facilities, Including Martial Arts

aluminum bleachers

Aluminum Bleachers are a great way to add efficient seating to any indoor sports building – whether it’s for a gymnastic school or a martial arts facility. Just ask Cris Polilli, the general manager with Master Chang’s Martial Arts schools in North Carolina. The company purchased aluminum bleachers from the Park and Facilities Catalog to provide seating for the spectators ... Read More »

The Secret To Successfully Adding New Sports Bleachers To Your Facility This Summer

sports bleachers

Sure, it’s hard to believe (especially when snow is falling in some states), but this is the time of year for ordering new Sports Bleachers. Because in a few months, those little league and softball fields will fill with players and spectators. Experts are reporting record numbers of baseball players stepping up to the plate. That also means a record number ... Read More »