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Why You Need To Plan For New Aluminum Bleachers Before Your Old Condemned Bleachers Cause Major Headaches

10 row elevated aluminum bleachers web

By Gerald Dlubala Managers may want to consider creating a plan to upgrade to new aluminum bleachers because condemned or otherwise unusable bleacher seating can have major implications for a school or facility. Those issues can go beyond just providing a place to sit for upcoming games. That type of negative designation for your bleachers can reflect on the facility management ... Read More »

New Line Of Top-Grade Aluminum Bleachers Now Offered By The Park And Facilities Catalog

aluminum bleachers

The Park and Facilities Catalog is pleased to announce it now offers a new line of high-quality aluminum bleachers manufactured in a newly-built, state-of-the-art 70,300 sq. ft. facility. The bleachers come in a variety of sizes such as 3-row, 4-row, 5-row, 10-row and 15-row and are all manufactured in the USA with top-grade anodized aluminum plank seating. “We are very ... Read More »

Aluminum Bleachers Get A Cool Front Seat At Village Of Palm Springs Sports Complex


The Village of Palm Springs in South Florida recently upgraded a set of their aluminum bleachers and now local residents have a bright new place to sit under a welcome shade canopy. Bill Golson, Parks and Recreation Director, said the 10-row bleachers were installed to replace older bleachers at the field and they feature new improvements in design and safety. ... Read More »