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Six Ways Property Managers of Apartments, Offices And Parks Can Generate Extra Fees

bike rooms fees

One of the best ways to offer more amenities to guests and residents while also growing business is by establishing fees for extra services. People are willing to pay for additional features and understand that the fees go towards administrative costs. Charging additional fees is a viable path for growing your business. It provides additional income to put back into ... Read More »

Interview With Andy Clarke from Toole Design Group on Bicycle Planning

bicycle planning

By Gerald Dlubula “Contrary to belief, our cities are alive and well, and we ought to be designing them as such, with walking, biking, and transportation modes that offer better and easier access.” So says Andy Clarke, Director of Strategy at Toole Design Group, one of the nation’s leading planning, engineering, and landscape architectural firms specializing in bicycle and pedestrian ... Read More »

Bike Lockers Fill the Need for Extra Security and Protection as the Ultimate in Commercial Bike Racks

bike lockers commercial bike racks

By Alysa Kleinman Ask any cyclist about the most secure bicycle storage and they will excitedly tell you about bike lockers. Bicycle lockers provide the ultimate security, since they prevent theft, vandalism, and weather damage from harming bikes, while traditional commercial bike racks only protect from theft. If you’re a driver, think of it this way—would you rather leave your ... Read More »