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Guide to Earning LEED Credits for Bicycle Facilities such as Commercial Bike Racks and Bike Rooms

commercial bike racks

Did you know that you can earn LEED credits for  providing commercial bike racks at your facility? LEED is a highly recognized third-party verification program for green buildings—it stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Its innovations are changing the way people think about planning and constructing buildings. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, an incredible 1.85 million ... Read More »

Eliminating Obstacles to Increased Bike Commuting

bike commuter

By Gerald Dlubala “The increased number of bike users is very encouraging, given the less than ideal, and sometimes downright dangerous conditions, having to compete with extremely heavy motor vehicle traffic. But given the opportunity, people will take to the streets by bicycle.” That’s the findings of a recent study, (October 2015), performed by Transportation Alternatives, a street safety advocacy ... Read More »