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Aluminum Bleachers Offers Great Flexibility For Seating Requirements

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One of the great advantages when choosing Aluminum Bleachers is the flexibility this product provides as far as spectator seating in locations with different footprints. Have some fans for a soccer league, but not a huge amount? Consider 4-row bleachers. Have a small space but lots of fans? Consider 10-row elevated bleachers. Have a tight budget but multiple fields to ... Read More »

College Adds Aluminum Bleachers With Red Powder-Coated Seats To Promote Team Colors And Inspire Fans

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Davis and Elkins College has some of the most eye-catching aluminum bleachers in the country and its simply because they decided to add red seat planks to liven up the spectator experience. D&E is a small private liberal arts college located in Elkins, WV. The school was founded in 1904 and named for Henry G. Davis and his son-in-law Stephen ... Read More »

Aluminum Bleachers With Customized Changes Are Common And The Park Catalog Provides Free Drawings For Non-Standard Projects

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Aluminum bleachers that need to be customized might the best alternative for your location instead of standard bleachers. But don’t fret, custom bleachers are not uncommon. First of all, if you believe your project requires customized bleachers, you are not alone. At the Park and Facilities Catalog, about 20% of our projects install non-standard products. Here’s some good news. The ... Read More »

When Purchasing Aluminum Bleachers Here’s Why ‘Sightlines’ Are Critical

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One of the most important factors to consider when ordering aluminum bleachers is a term referred to as “sightlines.” The word is bleacher industry jargon that refers to a spectator’s ability to view the action on the playing field without obstructions. Those sightlines might be the ability to see over the person seated in front of them or spectators walking ... Read More »