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Family Donates Buddy Bench To School To Honor Parents

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It is estimated that more than half of elementary schools in the US now feature Buddy Benches in their playgrounds. The Park and Facilities Catalog, a major supplier of Buddy Benches nationwide, continues to see a steady number of orders for this popular product. And many of the orders we see come in the form of donations either by individuals ... Read More »

“Chat” or “Friendly” Park Benches For Grownups Catching On Like Buddy Benches For Students

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Park Benches have many purposes. One might be to relax and take in the greenery, fresh air and sunshine. Another is to socialize with friends or relatives. The challenge today is that many people don’t have someone to talk to. This is especially true for the elderly, handicapped, people with learning disabilities or mental illness. While we live in an ... Read More »

Buddy Bench Recently Added To Florida School Shows Movement Still Has Plenty Of Room To Grow

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It’s heartening to see how one simple piece of outdoor furniture, a “Buddy Bench,” is having such a positive impact on alleviating loneliness and bullying in schools across America. Crosspointe Elementary School in Boynton Beach, FL is the latest school to add a Buddy Bench supplied by The Park and Facilities Catalog. “The kids love it,” said Courtney Roper, Parent ... Read More »