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Park Grills With Larger Space Are Necessary To Meet New Trends in Barbecuing

park grills

  By Gerald Dlubala The plumes of smoke from state and local parks, recreation areas and gathering places reach toward the sky carrying that familiar aroma of meat being introduced on park grills. And everywhere you turn, there’s going to be an amateur pitmaster firing up that park grill in the hopes of producing competition-worthy food for his friends and ... Read More »

Hey Congress, Why Not Help Out a Park?

Grand Canyon National Park

National parks are in trouble. According to park officials, there is an $11 billion backlog of work that needs to be done. That means there is a need for more park benches, roads, charcoal grills and outdoor trash cans. As anyone involved with a park knows, parks are usually on the lower rung when it comes to funding in national ... Read More »