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Permanent Grills In Larger Sizes Provide Quicker Turnaround At Busy Parks And Campgrounds

permanent grills

Permanent grills are now a necessity more than ever at parks, campsites and private outdoor facilities. But do you have enough grills to handle the demand? Because here’s a staggering statistic – nearly 80 million Americans have used an outdoor grill in the past year, according to the US Census. That’s a whole bunch of folks. Sure, many of them ... Read More »

Permanent Grills Complement Hot Trends In Barbecue And How They Can Make Any Facility More Appealing

permanent grills meet demand

By Gerald Dlubala How important is it for a facility to provide permanent grills for public use? Just ask the experts. “It’s part of the American identity to have a grill,” says IBISWorld, a global intelligence business leader specializing in Industry Market Research. With 75% of Americans having a grill at their disposal, and almost half of those grilling more ... Read More »

Clean Metal Picnic Tables, Empty Park Trash Cans and Smooth Park Benches Help With Online Reviews of Outdoor Facilities

family gathered around a picnic table

By Gerald L Dlubala The weekend was predicted to be perfect, and started with the good feelings that only a few days off, great weather and a planned outing can provide –  the packing begins in anticipation of spending quality time relaxing on park benches or enjoying meals on metal picnic tables at a park or campground, free from household ... Read More »