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Commercial Garbage Cans And Trash Removal Provided By Businesses Have A Major Impact On Communities

commercial garbage cans

These statistics reveal how businesses bear the brunt of the fight against litter and why commercial garbage cans play a key role in not only keeping the area around a business clean, but also helping the overall appearance of the community. According to Keep America Beautiful, businesses pay a staggering $9.1 billion per year in removing trash and the fight ... Read More »

Cities Use Creative Campaigns To Stop Littering

trash receptacles city streets

Cities everywhere are often faced with an ongoing battle to eliminate and prevent litter and encourage more people to use trash receptacles on streets, sidewalks, transit stations, parks, and other public areas. Whether it’s accidental in nature or out of carelessness, discarded bottles, wrappers, containers and other trash are a major eyesore and can affect the appearance and cleanliness of ... Read More »

Trash Receptacles are Overfilling in Cities for a Number of Reasons and it’s a Big Problem

trash collectors mountains of garbage

  Cities can work on all types of new initiatives – sustainability, new museums, bike paths but there’s one recurring problem that keeps popping its head up in new and ugly ways and that’s trash receptacles. Here’s a new one for you. In Seattle, people complained that commuters were continually overfilling a trash can by a metro stop. What did ... Read More »