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Commercial Trash Cans Can Keep Those Storm Drains Clear And Litter Out Of Our Waterways. Here’s The Research

commercial trash cans

Adding more Commercial Trash Cans in strategic locations can help make a dent in the litter that floats down into our storm drains. More and more photographs of trash, especially plastic debris, floating in rivers, bays, and oceans are becoming more prevalent. All that litter starts somewhere. One key to stopping it is to capture these discarded items in proper ... Read More »

Commercial Garbage Cans And Trash Removal Provided By Businesses Have A Major Impact On Communities

commercial garbage cans

These statistics reveal how businesses bear the brunt of the fight against litter and why commercial garbage cans play a key role in not only keeping the area around a business clean, but also helping the overall appearance of the community. According to Keep America Beautiful, businesses pay a staggering $9.1 billion per year in removing trash and the fight ... Read More »

Commercial Trash Cans Kept From Overflowing By Unique Program Run By Largest Sanitation Department In The World

commercial trash cans

If you think taking out the garbage is a chore, think about what New York City goes through every day with its 25,000 commercial trash cans. All the trash from homes, businesses and institutions handled by city workers on a daily basis amounts to 12,000 tons of trash and recyclables. Every day! This is one reason why The New York City ... Read More »