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Picnic Tables With Game Tops Provide Fun Social Feature To Parks, Schools And Restaurants

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Picnic tables can offer another benefit to the public besides a place to dine outdoors when you add this item – a game top. When ordering a metal or concrete picnic table, consider including the game top option. With that option, a common checkerboard (also used for chess and other games) is embedded into the steel or concrete surface. This ... Read More »

Quick Ship Concrete Picnic Tables Available For Those Who Want Sturdy, Low Maintenance Tables FAST

quick ship concrete picnic tables

Quick ship concrete picnic tables in a few select styles can be transported from our warehouse to your location when you need a reliable table in a hurry. And while these tables can be shipped in just a few days, with the durability characteristics of concrete, they last a very, very long time. The quick ship concrete picnic tables from ... Read More »

Concrete Picnic Tables Installed At New Park With Unique Name That Reminds People Of Once Popular Pastime

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The City of Abbeville in Louisiana just spruced up their newly opened Lafitte Drive-In Park with five brand-new Concrete Picnic Tables. The project is reportedly under the direction of Councilman at Large Francis Plaisance and creates an appealing new attraction for picnic-goers. The rectangular tables are located in an open grassy area, placed nicely under some sizable shade trees next ... Read More »

How One Inventor Came Up With The Simple Design For A Picnic Table That Is Still Used Today

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Back in 1903, a man named Charles H. Nielsen of Kreischerville, NY filed a patent for the design and production of simple picnic tables. Little did he know that more than 100 years later, his simple yet brilliant invention would still be used today in thousands of locations around the world. Ironically, back in those days, picnics were kind of ... Read More »