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Fire Rings Are Now More Necessary Than Ever To Prevent Wildfires. Here’s Why

fire rings

Fire Rings, especially commercial-grade rings are an important amenity today at campgrounds and parks. Because we all see from the national headlines how wildfires are becoming a major concern for Americans. For example, last year there were 58,083 wildfires in the US, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior. California suffered through several of the most catastrophic fires. The ... Read More »

Camping Surges As An Activity And Why Quality Fire Rings Are Necessary for No-Worry Camping

fire rings

By Gerald Dlubala Campfires are a staple of a quality camping experience and commercial-grade fire rings are an essential part of any location that provides campfires. When contained within fire rings, campfires are a safe, aesthetically pleasing and functional part of our time spent outdoors. Here’s why. According to The Bureau of Land Management, people cause 80% of forest fires. ... Read More »