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Lack of Commercial Trash Cans Causing a Crisis for Disease, Rodents and Health Risks

commercial trash cans litter in park

 By Gerald Dlubala There are no shortages of concerns in our country when it comes to our health and safety, yet something as simple as adding more commercial trash cans can solve the problem. Gator and shark attacks, mosquito related viruses, and now, toxic algae are the front runners these days. The more dramatic and unusual get the daily headlines. But ... Read More »

Outdoor Trash Receptacles Coming to Frustrated Litter Angeles. What About Your Town?

Volunteers and outdoor trash receptacles can make a difference in fighting litter

It’s a solution as simple as adding more outdoor trash receptacles that can turn a city around. Unfortunately, some people who live in metropolitan areas figure that litter and trash are just an inevitable part of big city living. But the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, doesn’t accept that notion. He’s fighting litter and pledged to put 5,000 more ... Read More »