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Ten Things You Need To Know About Trash And How To Use Commercial Trash Cans And Other Strategies To Fight It

commercial trash cans

It’s “Summertime and the livin’” is easy…and unfortunately, the commercial trash cans will be overflowing. Summer is a fantastic season for a number of reasons. But as more people spend more time outdoors at parks, concerts, restaurants, theme parks and other facilities, that also means there will be a greater accumulation of garbage. Let’s face it. Litter is not a ... Read More »

Outdoor Trash Receptacles Coming to Frustrated Litter Angeles. What About Your Town?

Volunteers and outdoor trash receptacles can make a difference in fighting litter

It’s a solution as simple as adding more outdoor trash receptacles that can turn a city around. Unfortunately, some people who live in metropolitan areas figure that litter and trash are just an inevitable part of big city living. But the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, doesn’t accept that notion. He’s fighting litter and pledged to put 5,000 more ... Read More »

Hey Congress, Why Not Help Out a Park?

Grand Canyon National Park

National parks are in trouble. According to park officials, there is an $11 billion backlog of work that needs to be done. That means there is a need for more park benches, roads, charcoal grills and outdoor trash cans. As anyone involved with a park knows, parks are usually on the lower rung when it comes to funding in national ... Read More »