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This Is Park and Recreation Month And All The Programs That Your Average Parks Department Provides Might Just Surprise You

park and recreation month

July is Park and Recreation Month and a great time to salute the people who work hard at your local, state and national parks all year long to create appealing spaces and programs for the public. According to a recent study by the National Recreation and Parks Association, park workers cover a lot of ground. Literally. The number of programs ... Read More »

For Park and Recreation Month 2016, Study Shows How a Park is Like Medicine

Park and Recreation Month 2016

Most people don’t think about going to a park for medicinal purposes. But for Park and Recreation Month 2016, perhaps the public should pay attention to a recent study on how parks can actually have a positive effect on a person’s mental and physical health. The study was conducted by The University of Queensland in Australia along with the ARC Centre ... Read More »

July is Time to Stop Being “In” and Instead to get “Out” on a Park Bench as Part of Park and Recreation Month

Park and Recreation Month 2015

Next month, “Out is In” as July is the 30th Anniversary of Park and Recreation Month. But how often are we “out?” You’d be surprised. The National Park Service conducted a study that has some very interesting findings about how we spend our time outdoors. The bottom line: as humans, we need to spend more time on a park bench ... Read More »