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How Adding Park Benches, Plants And A Few Amenities To A Vacant Lot Increases Home Values

pocket parks

There’s a movement going on in urban and suburban areas to bring parks closer to residents, improve unsightly abandoned lots and help people socialize. They are called “Pocket Parks.” The concept is a simple one and so is the process to build one. All it takes is some dedicated citizens, assistance from the local parks and recreation department, donors and ... Read More »

How “Forest Bathing” In A Park Lifts Your Spirits And Lowers Stress

Want to boost your mood? Lower your blood pressure? Relax? Reenergize? Take a “Forest Bath” in your local park or wooded area. Forest bathing is a practice that began in Japan in the 1980s and is catching on worldwide. During that time in Japan, health practitioners began to notice the toll that the increased industrialization of the country was having ... Read More »