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Study Shows Just Sitting On A Park Bench In A Green Space Will Elevate Your Happiness

park bench

  Visiting a local park and just relaxing on a park bench will make you happier, even if all you do is sit. That’s the findings of a new park study conducted by the University of Alabama Department of Occupational Therapy. Researchers collected data from 98 visitors to three parks in Mountain Brook, Alabama – the Overton, Jemison and Cahaba ... Read More »

Unique Park Benches And A Variety Of Plants Added To An Abandoned Railway Create One Of The Most Popular Parks In The World

high line nyc

Who would ever think you could take an old abandoned rail line, add some plants and park benches, and turn the space into one of the most visited parks on the planet? That’s exactly what happened to the High Line park in NYC on Manhattan’s West Side. Here are 10 facts that make this park so unique: Park in the Air ... Read More »

Facts About City Parks -The Oldest, Largest, Most Visited, Most Pools, Pickleball Courts, Disc Golf Courses Or Off-Leash Dog Parks

facts about city parks

America has a collection of extremely interesting city parks. There are so many parks that earn some sort of recognition as the either the Oldest, Most Visited, Largest, etc. There are also a bunch of specialty categories for city parks with great amenities – basketball hoops, pools. Even pickleball courts and disc golf courses. If you like parks (and who ... Read More »