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From Park Benches to Parks, Why Frederick Olmsted’s Influence Still Matters

Park bench

By Alysa Kleinman Next time you visit your local park and relax on any park benches, you can thank Frederick Olmsted. It’s a name you might not immediately recognize from history class, but he’s considered the father of American landscape and park design. His contributions during his lifetime spanned from Central Park to Niagara Falls, to parks in Midwestern cities like ... Read More »

Park Bench in Several Places Carries Mystique as “Kissing Bench” with Romantic Powers

park bench kiss

An author once wrote that kissing on a park bench “is one of the most fun things to do in a park.” Apparently, there’s something to what he says because there are a number of designated “kissing benches” around the world that are famous gathering spots for couples where the smooching often progresses to a marriage proposal. For some reason, ... Read More »

July is Time to Stop Being “In” and Instead to get “Out” on a Park Bench as Part of Park and Recreation Month

Park and Recreation Month 2015

Next month, “Out is In” as July is the 30th Anniversary of Park and Recreation Month. But how often are we “out?” You’d be surprised. The National Park Service conducted a study that has some very interesting findings about how we spend our time outdoors. The bottom line: as humans, we need to spend more time on a park bench ... Read More »