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Fun Facts About Independence Day On The Fourth Of July (Or The Second Of July, Depending On Who You Believe)

facts about fourth of july

When families venture out this Fourth of July to gather at picnic tables in local parks, barbecue on grills and wait for the fireworks to start, consider these interesting and strange facts surrounding the Independence Day holiday. The Second Continental Congress actually approved a resolution of independence from Great Britain on July 2, not the fourth. The first official Independence ... Read More »

Permanent Grills Complement Hot Trends In Barbecue And How They Can Make Any Facility More Appealing

permanent grills meet demand

By Gerald Dlubala How important is it for a facility to provide permanent grills for public use? Just ask the experts. “It’s part of the American identity to have a grill,” says IBISWorld, a global intelligence business leader specializing in Industry Market Research. With 75% of Americans having a grill at their disposal, and almost half of those grilling more ... Read More »

Park Grills With Larger Space Are Necessary To Meet New Trends in Barbecuing

park grills

  By Gerald Dlubala The plumes of smoke from state and local parks, recreation areas and gathering places reach toward the sky carrying that familiar aroma of meat being introduced on park grills. And everywhere you turn, there’s going to be an amateur pitmaster firing up that park grill in the hopes of producing competition-worthy food for his friends and ... Read More »