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New “Plogging” Exercise Craze Burns Calories, Cleans Streets And Puts Litter In Proper Trash Receptacles


“Plogging” – is a new exercise trend gaining momentum worldwide that provides a major benefit for every community and the planet in general. The idea is simple, green and very effective. Plogging is basically combining jogging with picking up litter along the way. The idea is that after you put on your running shoes, you also don a pair of ... Read More »

Animal And Bear-Proof Trash Receptacles Keep Creatures In Their Place And Out Of Yours

bear-proof trash receptacles

When it comes to adding or replacing trash receptacles this season, don’t forget about our furry friends. That’s why it’s smart for many facilities to add animal and bear-proof trash receptacles. These animal-resistant trash receptacles are perfect for campgrounds, restaurants, apartment complexes, and residential neighborhoods. There are quite a few creatures out there. And they all like to find an ... Read More »