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See Our Handy Guide On Bike Rooms For Tips On Maximizing Bicycle Storage In Apartment Buildings

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The Guide to Bike Rooms from The Park and Facilities Catalog is a handy overview on how to create an attractive indoor bike storage area. Why create a bike room in an apartment or office building? According to a recent survey of people in the multi-family construction business, right now bike rooms are a hot amenity. Multifamily Design and Construction ... Read More »

Wall-Mounted Bike Racks And Repair Stations Create Appealing Bike Rooms In Luxury Apartments

wall mount bike racks

Wall-mounted bike racks and freestanding bike racks are more popular than ever as an option to provide secure bike rooms for residents of apartment buildings. The Grande at Metro Park in Iselin, NJ recently created some very efficient indoor parking for its residents. But first, let’s talk about this luxury apartment building and its many amenities. This is one very ... Read More »

Wall-Mounted Bike Racks Are The Smart Solution For Indoor Bicycle Storage. Here’s why.

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Wall-mounted bike racks for buildings are unique in that they need to be manufactured with a minimal design to accommodate space constraints. Square footage is at a premium in apartments buildings, office buildings, hotels, and even parking garages. When adding indoor bicycle storage, it’s smart to use wall space…and go vertical. Here are some options: Wall-mounted bike racks take up ... Read More »

Simple, Space-Saving Wall-Mount Bike Rack Systems Meet The Needs Of Cyclists

wall mount bike racks save space

By Gerald Dlubala The simple aesthetics of an organized bike room or bike storage space laid out with an attractive, space saving, wall mount bike rack should be enough to provide adequate bicycle parking. But when you add in zoning laws, bike room standards, tight spaces and other challenges for planners and designers, these vertical bike racks are now the must, ... Read More »