Parking Bollards and Bollard Covers

Buyer's Guide for Bollards
Parking bollards, pedestrian bollards and security bollards offered by The Park Catalog are an effective way to control vehicular or pedestrian traffic and prevent accidents. Our parking bollards come in sturdy steel, concrete or plastic, lighted, removable and even with signs attached. We also have a selection of vibrant bollard covers that can liven up any existing bollards. These bollards are perfect to control traffic and delineate pathways for both walkers and drivers. More and more facilities are now also adding concrete bollards and sturdy metal bollards for security purposes.

31 Item(s)

31 Item(s)

Parking bollards have a long history of protecting pedestrians

Parking bollards from The Park Catalog come in a large variety of styles, materials, sizes and colors. Choose from powder-coated steel bollards, concrete bollards, plastic bollards, parking bollards, removable bollards and lighted bollards,

The styles range from classic to contemporary. The number of colors is practically endless – choose from black, green, gray, red, granite, burgundy, white, blue, red, brown, yellow, purple and other colors. Finish options include smooth, light sand-blasted, dura brite, etched, perma or thermoplastic. Or choose high-quality bollard covers to change the appearance instantly.

Because you are protecting pedestrians, make sure you get the parking bollards with the right rating for the job whether it is placed at a school, restaurant, store, government building, medical facility, etc. Bollards have been implemented for centuries to protect and direct people. The earliest use was recorded at Waltham Cross in England in 1721. Workers once placed cannons upside down in the ground to create the first bollards.

We offer concrete bollards or steel bollards with high psi stress loads that can literally stop a truck. These bollards, especially round concrete bollards, are becoming more popular with cities and schools for security purposes. We can also provide temporary plastic bollards when you want to delineate a parking area or pathway quickly and then remove later.  We also offer removable metal bollards that allow access only for designated vehicles. As for installation, we supply surface and in-ground mounts plus epoxy and plates.
If you need assistance in choosing parking bollards made with cement, metal or plastic, our helpful staff at The Park Catalog can steer you in the right direction.