Concrete Benches

Concrete Benches

Concrete benches are traditional and durable pieces of outdoor site furnishings that are sure to grab people’s attention. These sturdy, theft-proof concrete benches look wonderful and last forever in parks, schools, shopping centers, office complexes and many other commercial facilities. Choose from a variety of attractive finishes that will blend into any landscape. Our selection of durable outdoor concrete benches are made with the finest materials so you can be assured they will withstand the elements and retain their original appearance. Call today for help from our knowledgeable staff.

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)

Why concrete benches are the perfect choice

Our top-of-the-line concrete benches are designed for commercial use. Whether they are made entirely of concrete or have concrete legs with other seat materials, all of these benches are built to be durable and attractive.

There is little or no maintenance required. The advantage of concrete benches is that they don’t rot, splinter, fade and show no deterioration over the years. They are impervious to vandals and cannot be moved.

As for aesthetics, concrete benches resemble the elegant nobility of benches found for centuries in Greek and European gardens and open public spaces. Because they have a natural or stone look about them, concrete benches tend to blend naturally into any environment. Choose a concrete garden bench to accentuate any area with flowers and shrubbery.

When it comes to a concrete bench for sale, the Park Catalog offers quite a few styles to choose from. They include Sphere Based, Gothic, Taos, Pagoda, University and many more. To adhere to the terrain where the concrete benches will be placed, there are options available in flat, curved, contoured or radius.

Choose from an enormous variety of colors which include sand, gray, yellow, orange, brown, red, charcoal, cream, brick-red and buff to name a few.

Ground glass or recycled finishes range from clear to emerald, blue, amber, champagne, charcoal and many others. The concrete bench finishes can be polished smooth, sand-blasted, etched or completed with Dura-brite or Perma-finish. Models with thermo-plastic coasted seats and backs are also available.

There are also styles equipped with skateboard and in-line skate deterrents.

Why not consider a great marketing opportunity with The Park Catalog concrete benches to add a logo and company, school or university name which will be permanent promotion of your brand for years to come? It;s easy to do and your brand will be highly visible forever.

Did you know this about concrete?

Concrete is an amazing material. It’s basically one of the building blocks of civilization.

Ancient Romans were some of the first adopters of this mixture of water, aggregate and cement and their ability to build incredible structures such as the Colosseum is attributed to the qualities of using this particular magical mixture.

In fact, even today, concrete is used to build structures, roads, walkways, pipes, fences and benches more than any other substance including wood, steel, plastic and aluminum. Ton-for-ton structures built with concrete utilized more than twice the amount of all those materials COMBINED.

To go even further, the only other substance used more on the Planet Earth is water. And concrete has green qualities to it because it is man-made and can be manufactured within close proximity to wherever it is used.

Other famous mega-structures composed of concrete include The Hoover Dam, Panama Canal and the Three Gorges Dam in China which holds the record for the largest concrete pour of 16 million cubic meters completed over 17 years. (Note: if you are looking for cement benches you've come to the right place because concrete is actually a mixture of cement powder and aggregate materials.)

The addition of a commercial concrete bench to your property can be a part of this prestigious and long-lasting group of famous structures. Whatever your preference, we have a selection of exceptional concrete benches for sale that are sure to satisfy your needs and provide a classic or contemporary, durable and functional sitting area for visitors to relax, talk or just hang out and enjoy the outdoors.

Quality control is important to The Park Catalog. We require that specific precast concrete benches are to be manufactured by skilled workmen who have at least five years experience and are supervised by someone who is certified by the ACI (American Concrete Institute). Call one of our helpful representatives today to assist you in reviewing our large variety of concrete benches and finding the benches you prefer at a competitive price.